HOME is not a place... It's a FEELING
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CHEZ MAISON Home Accessories that Help you Cultivate your Feeling of Home

Of course things have changed in this last couple of years, making the FEELING OF HOME even more precious. Enjoying time at home, around the table set with comforting textiles and loving care.

Chez Maison is a Home Accessories Design Studio based in Sandyford D18, Ireland and this online shop showcases small runs of items for sale with emphasis on short-run, individually made pieces.

The AsIs Range of cushions, by Isabella Codd, our creative director, is designed around home fabrics that can be ordered by the metre (minimum order 2metres) so you can match up curtains, headboards, upholstery etc.

See our website for details of home consultations in the Greater Dublin Area.

A first consultation costs €160 for 90 Minutes in your Home.

Further visits to your home, or meet up in retail shops to assist with purchasing, are €60 for the first hour and further hours added to a visit at €35/hr.

All visits can include choosing anything from paint colours, fabrics, furnishings, carpets, room layouts etc. Isabella Codd is a soft-furnishings designer and an interior decorator with over 20years experience helping clients in their own homes.