HOME is not a place... It's a FEELING
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About Us at Chez Maison 'HOME is Not a Place.. it's a Feeling'

Homes vary. Some people need wallpaper, some people need pets, some people need peace&quiet, some people simply need cushions and a good book to curl up with, or a giant TV screen. What makes you feel at home is personal but the Feeling of Home is a universal thing wheither it's in a City loft or a semi-D. One very posh client just wanted the colour of his room to match the yellow of his favorite jumper.

Home is not a place, it's a Feeling. This tenet is not just an idea, it's a personal journey for our creative director, Isabella Codd, who sadly lost her mother to cancer when she was just seven years old. After this she would pay exceptional attention to all the homes visited to see how they felt. Often the thing that lingered in a 'nice-home' was the smell of the fresh laundry or the floor polish, even if the linens and floor were not the best. Always interested in textiles and making things, Isabella went on to be a designer. After twenty years in the soft-furnishings business, she knew her childhood observations were correct.. it took more to make a home than simply good interior design. It was always about the homemakers own expression through the details he/she added when the designer left the building. Find more about how we can help with your soft-furnishing projects on the website. www.chezmaison.ie

Chez Maison is a small design/manufacture company based in Sandyford Dublin, Ireland. The roots of this business go back to 1999 in Wicklow Town where our creative director first set-up to make couture curtains. Isabella is still designing bespoke window treatments as part of her Interior Design business but has added a range of off-the-shelf cushions and home accessories that are more suited to selling online.