HOME is not a place... It's a FEELING
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Cushions By Chez Maison. Home is not a place... It's a Feeling.

Cushions, and more cushions. Chez Maison has vast experience is making Bespoke sets of cushions for many years through our Design Service. To bring a little of that service online we have designed and made a selection of Cushions using the same Co. Wicklow workshop and our best curled Duck feather fillers. These fillers give a lovely plumpness to our cushions. All fillers are included and can be removed for cleaning. When in use a little house-keeping is required in that you should plumb your cushions before going to bed at night so that they are there to greet you in the morning.. The photos of each cushion on the online shop are curated to include a front, back and 3sides of the the cushion. This is the way I would look at a cushion in a shop and we have left the photographs in a natural state to give a sense of reality to the cushions. The weight and feel of the cushion really matters to me and ours are feather filled for this reason.