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Welsh Wrap/ Throw 210cm long & 80cm wide (82inches X 32inches) Approx.

This Wrap is made up with Melin Tregwynt fabric. It's a traditional Welsh Double Cloth made of 100% lambswool. We have cut this fabulous cloth to drape as a wrap and be of a good size for a bed throw. It works beautifully as a knee blanket when folded in half. I was inspired to work out this sizing after hearing a remark by a woman who wanted a blanket to fit around the shoulders of her Mother when she was sitting up in her chair. I've been practicing with my first sample and it's perfect for keeping cosy while watching Movies. Also, I love the way it folds to fit on the arm of the sofa when not in use. The lifestyle shot on the Beach is called 'Looking Towards Home' because this beach is my local in Bray, on the East coast of Ireland and across this stretch of sea is Wales where we source the fabric. This pattern is called Knot Garden, a vintage design that has been made in the Pembrokeshire mill since the late 1960's. The double layered trim is made from a Linen Union called 'Dawn.'