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Casual dining is perfect for Summer Dinner Parties

Prep for Summer Dinner Party by Chez Maison

In Summertime a Dinner Party can be a lighter affair. Just fruit and cream for desert. Lots of tasting platers insead of large plates of food. It can be quite casual with time in the longer evenings to linger at the table.

This is no reason not to be elegant. You can still use the good crystal and some table linen like these larger check cotton napkins from our shop.

I've collected some crystal dishes from the second-hand store and borrowed this beautiful dish from a friend's kitchen. When they are brought together for a Summer party and it's "love at first sight" as they wait for the table to be set. The Wexford strawberries really bring out the essence of the meal to-be.


Chez Maison Casual dining Table Napkin

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