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Christmas Time

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Vintage Christmas Decoration with Red Hat

Christmas Time always brings memories. The box of decorations all strung up with thoughts of all those people who shared times past. It's the hand-me-down pieces with stories that are the best: We bought this decoration in the Bright Summer Boston sunshine or we salvaged this one in a vintage carboot sale on freezing December in, what seems, another lifetime.

It can be hard to realise that these veterns of Christmas with their scars and strapes were once brand new.

I have designed a set of Christmas stockings (as decorations) and taken a pattern for Christmases Future. I wanted to make a 'family' of them.. The three Bears from Goldilocks. They are 3no. different sizes.. Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear.

Because of the way the world has been spinning lately there is only one available for sale this year and it's destined to be an Heirloom of Christmas for someone who will love it as much as I enjoyed making it here in my studio to share.

Hope next year we can add to the supply.

Christmas Time 2021

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